Friday, July 24, 2015


I have been blessed with many teachers in my life.  Actually I think everyone is a teacher in some way and I feel blessed to recognize that in so many.  I love to learn.  I would be a full time academic student if that were a vocation. Instead I am a full time student in life - through books, nature, classes and the people that surround me.
I am reading Women Healers of the World By Holly Bellebuono at the moment and one common theme is that all the woman had been taught by their mothers and grandmothers.  My ancestors have taught me many things but not so much about the herbs.  My Grandpa had a huge garden and I learned to eat a varied and fresh diet. Food was central to family gatherings and I learned my love of cooking from my Auntie.
Over the years I picked up tidbits of information from varied sources.  My poison ivy remedy comes from an old boyfriend's grandfather, a wise old farmer.  One of my oldest and dearest friends is a master gardener and I work for her in my off time.  I am paid in plants. My garden reflects those happy moments.
Odessa (payment from Time for a Garden)
I took a soap making class in a shop located in an old gardening shed.  I took classes at a local store in many subjects including introduction to herbs as medicine.  I was hooked.  This is where I met my first formal herbal teacher and now dear friend Rose of Walk in the Woods.
I studied with her and continue to learn from her.  She is truly an inspiration.  She doesn't just talk the talk but walks her walk.  Her knowledge of plants, gardening and medicine of the people is a gift to everyone she meets.  She can be a subtle leader or in your face and nudges you to think for yourself.  She introduced me to my first New England Women's Herbal Conference. That first year we went together. It was magical being with so many like minded women learning about our plant allies and dancing by the fire.  I haven't missed a conference since.  This year we attended the International Herb Symposium together. It was her first time attending (my third).  The base she helped me develop gave me the confidence to take the advanced herbal class at Sage Mountain.
It was there I met a new tribe of women that I am blessed to call friends.  We travel many miles and to many classes and conferences where we get to see each other again.  We keep in contact in between and continue to learn and inspire each other. The circle keeps growing, spiraling and at the center is love and the plants.

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  1. Hand to heart: I am thankful for *You.*

    After all, YOU taught me to make my own soap, and for that I offer big-time gratitude.

    Not to mention the friendship. What a gift!


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