Friday, March 21, 2014

Soap Day

     I have nothing on my schedule until 6:30 tonight.  I will usher in the spring at a special gentle & restorative yoga class followed by live music and good friends.  The event is a benefit for the collective good.  So, I penciled in soap, lotion and capsules.
     The lavender lotion is setting up.  When the oils begin to thicken I will whip in the water and aloe mix until it looks and feels like butter cream frosting.  And it does for the body what frosting does for a cake.
     Three batches of soap are poured into molds.  It will be four weeks before they are usable.  Though the longer you let them sit the better they are.  The more aged a soap is the longer it will last in the bath or shower.  A fresh batch of D's Dirtie Hippie was first on the list as I need to replenish stock.  Next I made a sweet orange & rosemary.  I had tried this as a lip balm and it was such a big hit with people I thought I'd try it as a soap. I'm always trying to find a more manly scent - I tend to like those over flowery scents and  so do most of the men in my life.  So, I made a bay soap with french green clay.  I can't wait to see how it turns out in a few weeks.
     Now a little paperwork and an afternoon making capsules while I slow roast a chicken for dinner.