Sunday, September 1, 2013

Why I do what I do

Why did I become an herbalist?  How could I not?  It really was a long time coming.  I love to learn.  Most people read a book or take a class when they are curious – I usually get a degree.  Life changed and I couldn’t afford to keep going to school for the fun of it and I started taking classes here and there.  Several were classes on herbs and I loved them.  It fascinated me that I could step out my door and pick a few weeds and heal myself.
This brought me back to childhood.  I remember my grandpa pointing out different plants in the woods behind our house that were good to eat.  I love pointing those same plants out to people on hikes.  Grandpa also had a huge garden.  He had the regular lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and summer squash but he also had peas, beans, and parsnips among many other things.  It was great.
And grandma was a nurse.  She was forced into retirement before I was born but her passion filled her.  She was a healer.  She hoped I would follow in her footsteps.  I have in so many ways.  And her maiden name was Weed.  I dedicate my materia medica to her.
The doll my Grandma bought me as a little girl.

So, I started on this path of learning the weeds, the plants and their healing properties.  And then I became a Mom of four.  I fell in love with a man with full custody of his four children.  I was involved while we were dating but took on full responsibility at our wedding and beyond.  I even said vows to them on our wedding day.
I was determined to feed them well and to feed them nutritiously.  I learned a lot on that journey.  Busted a few preconceived notions that I had about healthy along the way.  They went from missing days and weeks of school to having perfect attendance.  A cup of tea became the first line of defense at the onset of something.  Immune boosting herbs were simmered in soups and spaghetti sauce.  We would sit down together every night for supper and I would start by telling them how many bay leaves and astragalus roots to beware of. I love to cook and garlic and onions are my go to.  Herbs of all kind are mixed in with our food.  Eating healthy is eating well.
I took formal classes with Rosemari Roast of Walk in the Woods.  I took informal classes every chance I got.  I read book after book after book.  I love to read books that require a highlighter so this was and is fun for me.  She introduced me to the New England Women’s Herbal Conference and I have not missed one yet soaking up everything I could.  I bring my daughter’s with me as well.  I have attended a few International Herb Symposiums and I mustered the courage to attend the Advanced Herbal Class at Sage Mountain Retreat Center headed by Rosemary Gladstar.  I have met many wonderful people, teachers and mentors along the way.  With their support I opened my business.  I wanted to expand my gifts beyond my family and into my community.
To combine my love of cooking and nurturing people with the herbs and healing is a joy I can’t even describe. 


  1. Wonderful post. I love how, when we let, we are simply drawn to what we're meant to be drawn to … like you. Nice!

    And thanks for the mention, too. Appreciate that. :)

  2. How awesome to hear your story - thank you for sharing, and what a great story it is - sparked by your grandparents. peace and love


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