Friday, January 1, 2016

#Happy New Year

I don't celebrate the dawning of a new year with parties and such.  I did for a brief period of time back in my twenties.  Staying up until midnight holds little appeal.  The new day will dawn if I am there to witness it or not.  I am much more a wee hours of the morning person.  I get up before the sun and enjoy those quiet moments of solitude.
My new datebook is on my desk, a new calendar is hung on the fridge to coordinate all family appointments, a new calendar is hung in my studio to help keep me on track and date my batches.  I reflect because I must - prepping taxes and such both for myself and my clients in my job as an accountant.  I reflected a month ago as we prepared to give thanks in a more formal way and I wrote my annual holiday letter.
Welcome to the possibilities 

This past year has been one wild trip.  Our family has grown by two grandchildren, my business has expanded from house to studio and my annual holiday letter could not be copied and pasted from the prior year.  It was full of new travels, struggles, growing pains and birthing in all its forms.  It was full of joys and successes and much gratitude.
Luana Rose

Charles Warren

I do not make new year resolutions.  I do set goals, steps to attain my hopes and dreams and this I do on a regular basis.  Each day I reflect on where I have been and where I want to go and adjust or stay the course.  And each day I give thanks - thanks for a new day, the new lesson, the struggle, the triumph, the love and friendship I have in my life.  I am grateful for all the relationships I have forged in cyber space and physical space.
May you celebrate each day like it is the dawning of a New Year!

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