Monday, January 25, 2016

#books I've read recently

I am a bookaholic it seems to go hand in hand with being an herbalist.  Well, at least all the herbalists I know.  I read a lot.  I collect books; signed books.  I read multiple books at once.  Instead of a bedside stand I have a bedside coffee table - it holds more books and trust me there is no room for a cup of coffee.  I do have a jar filled with pens, highlighters and bookmarks though.  I have them arranged in three neat piles according to reading schedules.  The maybe some day, the I'm half way through but have lost interest for now and the currently reading pile.  Lately I have been on a kick of finishing books.  The piles have been getting out of control and I need to either pass some along or finish them. I'm also hesitant to buy more until I finish a few.  A self imposed challenge.
I started winter break being gifted three new books.  I sat and read two straight through and am half way through the third.  Since then I have finished three more. I am binge reading the stacks on my coffee table.  And it feels good.
I'm inspired in part by Tara Swiger.  Each month she posts what books she has read along with what she is currently reading.  She challenged herself to read 100 books last year.  I love to read but tend to be a slow reader so I'm not sure I will achieve that but a book a week sounds like a good number.  I read very little fiction, my favorite books are biographies and reference books. I read herbals, cookbooks, soap making and business books.  So, what have I read since winter break?

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert, I admit I was hooked after Eat, Pray Love and have read everything she has published since.  It took me a long time to get through the Signature of All Things but, Big Magic was a quick read and had lots of great ideas and inspirations for life and work.

Cooking as Fast As I Can by Cat Cora  The autobiography of the first female Iron Chef.  I love to cook, love cooking shows and books about cooking.  I must say this left me wanting more - a story without an ending - well because she's still young and learning and in mid lesson.

Traversing the Wild Terrain of Menopause by Gail Faith Edwards   I took one of her workshops at the New England Women's Herbal Conference.  I have friends who studied with her at Blessed Main Herb Farm and I could see why.  As I traverse the wild terrain myself I could see correlations and the text intermingles with a great materia medica, recipes and the cycle of the year.

Deranged by Nora Jamieson   This is a book of three short stories that delve into spirit and human experience and understanding.  I know Nora and some things felt familiar and at the same time I felt the baring of her soul.  Her writing is raw and thought provoking.

Free to A Good Home by Anne Kelleher   I have been friends with Annie for years.  She is an amazing story teller.  A skill I lack - I get to the bones of a tale and can never really flesh it out.  My hubby and his family have this skill as well.  For Annie it translates into her writing.  This book is a collection of her short stories.  They make you pause and think.  And though they are not horror stories the truths they impart are frightening.  Mostly because you can envision these stories becoming reality.  Shameless plug: If you are local stop by my studio for a signed copy.

I'm currently reading my last Christmas gift My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem and The Anatomy of Arousal  by Sheri Winston. This last one I purchased at my daughter's suggestion.  When we were at the Women's Herbal Conference she took Sheri's workshop and enjoyed it so much that she dragged me to her booth to buy her book.  It is the sex book that everyone should read for fantastic orgasms.


  1. Ah, yes... stacks of books are not unfamiliar to me.
    It's nonfiction in the AM and fiction in the PM for me.
    I must recall how to ready in the afternoons again ~ I used to do it often!

    Merry reading ~ and thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful reading material. I also love books - and the physical books - have not transitioned to "electronic" yet and doubt I will. Glad to hear about the different piles - I usually only have two at a time going and often get so lost in my personal encounter in fiction that I spend a whole day until it is done - a luxury I enjoy at this time of year! Thank you for the insight - a couple I have read and at least one or two sounding of interest. Peace and love


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