Monday, June 8, 2015

International Herb Symposium #IHS

     The summer madness has begun and my daughter still has one week left of school.  This past week end was the Open Studios & Block Party at Whiting Mills where I have my studio.  I lost count of the number of people, kind, enthusiastic, enjoyable people who crossed my threshold.  Saturday I hosted my friend Jeanine from Gemini Moon Designs.  She left one of her gorgeous mirrors in my studio for all to see and one lucky person to purchase.  Stop by and take a peek.

   This week end I am headed to the International Herb Symposium.  This gathering of herbalists from all over the world takes place every other June at Wheaton College in Norton, MA.  This will be my third time attending and this trip I get to car pool and room with my dear friend, teacher and mentor Rose of Walk in the Woods.  I will see my herbal sisters from from various classes we have attended together and bonded over.  A group of women who when I see our pictures the flood of our laughter comes pouring back.  Women who are part of my tribe (much like my shimmy sister tribe).

     And the cherry on top of a week end spent with great friends, sisters of my spirit, is a week end spent in classes with teachers who impart, inspire, and challenge me.  The days will be long and full, it will be exhausting and glorious.  The campus is beautiful and to be in that setting with so many that care about the plants....
     I return to refilling my "shelves", farmer's markets, health expos, studio time, vacation, time with my son who will be home for a few weeks and ending the season at the Women's Herbal Conference with my daughter. My life is full and I am blessed!  I hope you join me for the journey, if only for a moment stop by for some joy filled madness. Check out my Where I am Page for dates and times.

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  1. What a rich, inspired and charmed life, eh?
    I hope the IHS is fantastic for you, that your inventory restores its harmony with ease and that our friendship never wanes.


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