Friday, March 20, 2015

#ColdProcessSoap Making Class

Come join the fun.
March 29,2015
11:00 AM to  1:00 PM
At Whiting Mills Studio 418
100 Whiting Street, Winsted, CT

We will make a batch of soap together.
Learn how to make cold process soap and walk away with the skills and confidence to make it yourself. Plus receive a basic recipe with tips on altering it to make it your own and a list of resources.
Setting up for Soap Making

Parking:  There is a parking lot behind the building on Whiting Street.  You may park here.  From this level go up one flight of stairs and look for the more studios this way sign on the wall.

OR you can park on the Holabird Avenue side of the building.  The lot is in between the fire house and the college parking lot.  Cross the street and enter through the door that says hobby shop above it.  Take the stairs all the way to the top and take a right.  Go through the door and you are looking at my studio.   It's in a beautiful old mill with many hall ways and friendly artists who will point you towards the fourth floor and studio 418 if need be.

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  1. I could have sworn I commented already ... but, now, after the fact, it looked like you had a great time with this workshop. Yay!


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