Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spring Rain #Soap

     One of the many benefits of my studio is the time and space to play.  This past month I created two new soaps.  My man soap that I wrote about last week and Spring Rain.  It was inspired by a scent combination my mother-in-love had seen.  Eucalyptus combines with spearmint for a refreshingly cool scent.  The touch of spearmint conjures happy memories for those who have indulged in the olfactory test.

     If you're near Northwest, CT stop by the studio . Enjoy a cup of tea.  Watch me work.  Find your favorite soap scent and try some nourishing lotion.  Then wander the old mill the history and artists in residence are a delight.  I also give mini tours if you like.
     I am also setting up my schedule for craft and art fairs this year.  The latest schedule can be found on my "Where I Am" page.

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