Saturday, February 21, 2015

Man Soap

     A friend of mine was using my cinnamon and sweet orange soap at home.  Her hubby saw me at a party and said that soap smells great but do you make any man soap.
           I have bay or cedarwood which are more earthy, I replied.
          No, man soap, with pumice to get the dirt out.
          I make a lemon & poppy seed soap for that, the poppy seeds stay suspended and whole during the process so the work like pumice in a way.  It's the soap I use after gardening.
          Maybe, he said but that's not man soap.
It made me think and then experiment.  And then I was worried if I called it man soap would someone be offended.  After all, women get just as dirty and soap really should be kinda gender neutral right?  So, I called Les' Man Soap after the man who inspired it.

     It is loaded with fine ground pumice and scented with sweet orange and cedarwood.  The cedarwood is earthy and the orange adds a clean citrus note.


  1. Such a Great customer relationship, experience and story. ::nods::
    Filled with True conversation, complete with listening, mind-expansion, experimentation, PLAY and a fabulous new soap!

  2. inspirations... you never know where it's gonna find you.
    This man soap sounds great.


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