Sunday, May 11, 2014

Milk Bath

Introducing Cleopatra's Milk Bath

 I don't take baths.  I have well water with little pressure - it would take three hours to fill the tub.  So, I didn't think of making milk bath on my own.  It came from walking with my good friend Annie.  A friend who writes, publishes and coaches.  She is a midwife to ideas, plans and writing projects.  And she suggested the idea. After researching many, many recipes I took what I liked from several recipes, played with the proportions birthed a new skin loving product. And as legend has it Cleopatra enjoyed milk baths to keep her skin soft and supple.
     I started with whole milk powder which has lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acid, which is a gentle, natural exfoliant.  An average person grows a new layer of skin approximately every two to four weeks, shedding the old cells.  The lactic acid dissolves the glue that holds the dead skin cells to the body. A 20 minutes soak allows the dead cells to be easily washed away.  You may want to use a was cloth too. The milk also acts as a moisturizer, likewise helping to create lustrous, silky soft skin.
     I then added cornstarch which soothes dry itchy skin.  Put in some baking soda for its soothing properties.  Then I added added lavender blossoms and lavender essential oil for a relaxing scent. Lavender has more benefits than its calming aroma.  Lavender essential oil is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic, antidepressant, sedative and a detoxifier which promotes healing and stimulates the immune system.
     I mixed this heady concoction and lovingly put in large sealable tea bags.  This way your tub doesn't need to be scrubbed when you are done.  Simply compost the tea bag.
     And though I don't take baths I do soak my feet.  Because, if  my feet feel good, I feel good. A nice foot bath,  a little pumice stone to the heals and a slathering of lotion massaged in.  Yeah, that is what it's all about. 

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  1. I'm a foot soaker, as well. For me, it's these modern, conventional tubs that discourage a nice full body soak, because submerging the body is virtually impossible in these present day bathing devices.

    Best wishes with your latest product!


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