Monday, December 23, 2013

Kitchen Play

     I'm on vacation from my corporate job.  And I can think of nothing better than puttering in the kitchen and catching up with friends and family.  My first day off I baked six batches of cookies which seem to be disappearing quickly.  Today I devoted to restocking products and trying new twists.
     I started with two batches of soap.  The first batch is a customer favorite lavender & lime and the second batch is my hubby's favorite, lemongrass.  In the coming week I plan to add  a few more batches to the mix.  Toner was made and bottled and then came lip balm.  I made a fresh batch of lavender lip balm.  It has become the most requested scent. Besides organic lavender essential oil it contains Vitamin E and organic carrot seed oil which is great for the skin and leaves your lips feeling oh so pleased.
     Bee's Knees was next. It's from a recipe I found to recreate that famous bees lip balm. The first time I tried it I made a half batch to see if I liked it.  It was so I good I made a full batch today. It is a lush lip balm made with cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, and organic peppermint and rosemary essential oils.
     Today I experimented with deodorant. I just made one tube to see if I like it.  I had purchased an artisans deodorant on vacation that was scented with rosemary and lavender.  I really liked the addition of rosemary so I combined it with sweet orange for my trial run.  The combination tickled my fancy so I made a tiny batch of lip balm with sweet orange and rosemary as well.  Yum!

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