Sunday, April 26, 2015

Diary of a #cleanse part 2

Day two:
I started my day with 4 teaspoons of  ghee melted in a half cup of almond milk. My last day of the week cat my  accounting job (YEAH!) and I packed up the same fare.
Hubby and daughter were having ham and eggs for dinner.  I asked if hubby wanted a bagel with that. He gave the whatever you want to do answer.  I came back with, "What I want to do is bite your head off - a simple yes or no would be helpful."  Bagel it was.
I was really tired and obviously cranky.  I remembered one of my classmates had scrambled an egg into her kitchari for some protein and to make it through.  I did the same and added lots of greens.  My daughter said I could pretend it was a burrito.  I opted to think of it as an omelet.  I did feel better after dinner.

Day three:
I started the day with 6 teaspoons of ghee melted in half cup of almond milk.  Sipped some water and headed to my girlfriend's house for our Friday morning 6 AM walk.  I had more energy than I'd had in days.  By the time hubby got home from his midnight shift at 9 I was on my second load of laundry, the plants were watered, the bathroom cleaned, the house vacuumed and I had enjoyed a bowl of kitchari with steamed rainbow carrots on top.
I'm pretty sure I will not achieve the goal with water but I'm trying.  I'm supposed to drink half my weight or half my ideal weight in ounces.  I'm getting close.  It's not that I hate water.  I drink water every day.  I just can't drink that much of anything.  Plus the whole moving into the bathroom is not an option I want to consider.  
The amount of water it feels like I need to drink

My energy stayed up all day and I didn't want to bite anyone's head off.  Wondering if it was a combination of cleanse and accounting rather than just the cleanse getting to me.  This is a very real possibility especially since it was my first week back after vacation.
I had more time than the previous two nights so I steamed up a big batch of broccoli and pea pods to add to dinner.
I must admit that I normally have a voracious appetite.  I can never remember to feed a cold and starve a fever or the other way around so I feed them both.  There has never really been anything to make me loose my appetite.  This cleanse has done it.  Not in a sickening type of way but in a rather boring type of way.  I know I can change it up with my steamed vegetables but lets face it kitchari and steamed vegetables three meals a day with no snacks and water is not very exciting.  I'm eating slower and can actually push the plate away when I'm full.  And I really haven't been starving.  I'm not feeling deprived in the amount of food.  I am satiated.  But, for someone who loves to cook and doesn't make the same dish twice for weeks or even months this is really rather bland.


  1. I find the eating slower and pushing the plate away when your full fascinating!

    And, yeah, your passion for cooking and beautiful, delicious food could be problematic in a fast such as this.

  2. Eating slowly and very mindfully makes it easier to push the plate away no matter what we are eating. I probably need to do that myself again. :)


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