Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What's in a name?

You may wonder where the name Raven’s Edge came from.  When I first learned to make soap I wanted a label.  The label would list the ingredients, the scent and the date I made it.  All this was useful information.  But, what is a label without a name.  So, as I pondered what I would call my soap I thought about life around me.

I love watching the birds in my yard.  I have planted many flowers and trees to attract them to my yard.  I do not put out seed as this attracts the bears in the area.  I don’t mind the bears wandering through the yard as they often do I would rather they not stop for extended periods of time.  Crow frequently visits.  I love watching him walk across the yard.  So I took my attraction to crow and named it after his larger cousin the raven.

I live on a hill and over look the valley below.  It is a beautiful view of green, of trees and hills.  I can watch the storms roll in from the West.  I am amazed by the fog that lingers in the valley and the blue sky I see above it.  This hill became a mountain in my mind.   My perch became the edge of that mountain.

In the print program I was using I could not find an image of raven but several images for crow came up.  This whimsical image is the one I chose to represent me and my manifestations.


  1. A wonderful name for a wonderful herbalist … and friend.

  2. " work your magic in the light, you are Raven." Kim, you are just the kind of person to do just that, well chosen! =)
    xx Sherrie


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